We were there : Jeudigital at the Departement of Sustainable Development

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There is nothing new in the fact that DBTH has already worked with quite a few ministries (employment, economy, agriculture …) which has been possible through our work on the Jeudidigital, first renamed into Lundigitial and then changed to Mardigital. One thing can be said, we are impatiently waiting for the return of the famous Jeudigital!

On Tuesday, we have therefore accompanied eight strat-ups to the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in order to pitch their projects in front of the selected audience of ministers (Ségolène Royal and Axelle Lemaire) VC’s and media…

For the participating 8 startups it is an opportunity to built up a network of collaborations – make contacts and spread the word about their projects, enabling us to support once again smashing innovative projects of value to sustainable aspects.

All projects are advocating a more thoughtful and informed consumption regarding systematic concerns in order to contribute to the environmental protection. Among them are, for instance, ideas such as solar panels for smartphones or tablets enabling automatic recycling solutions through smart thermostats.

And to top it all off, this beautiful (and intense day) was orchestrated by sheep bleating in the background (because there are, of course, sheep in the Ministry of Sustainable Development, here is the proof)!



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