Weekly Report #3 : Spotify, La French Tech, YouTube, Streamus…

Every week, DBTH offers you a selection of the best articles about the web, marketing, apps, media…


15.01.2013 The GuardianIf Spotify is saving Swedish music sales, why aren’t indies celebrating?

14.01.2013 Charts in FranceYouTube et Yacast lancent le classement des clips les plus vus en France

15.01.2014 ChallengesLe top 10 des chanteurs français qui gagnent le mieux leur vie

15.01.2014 Les EchosComment la France veut promouvoir la « French Tech » aux Etats-Unis

15.01.2014 Tech CrunchStreamus Turns Chrome Into A Fast, Free, YouTube-Powered Spotify Alternative



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