Musicmetric, the world’s most powerful artist analytics dashboard

Musicmetric is the world’s most powerful artist analytics platform. The possibilities are endless!
The platform tracks all the data available online in real time:

  • Social Media (obviously)
  • Track and video plays (YouTube, VEVO, Soundcloud, LastFM, MySpace down to track level data)
  • Streaming (via a strong partnership with Spotify)
  • Sales from iTunes and Tunecore
  • BitTorrent Data with geolocation (Musicmetric is the only service that offers this feature!)
  • Web sentiment via mentions blogs, reviews and news articles.


But Musicmetric’s greatest asset is to pull all of this data together into one simple dashboard that gives you dynamic analysis of an individual artist, label, event or marketing campaign’s reach and performance.


All of this data is contextualised against real world events such as album releases, TV appearances and live shows giving these huge data sets vastly important real world context.


Musicmetric currently track and index data for 700,000 artists and over 10 million individual releases – all in real time.

Our agency DBTH is very proud to represent and develop Musicmetric in France. If you wish to receive more details or are interested in Musicmetric, do not hesitate to contact us!


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