Daily Report #174 : No Social App without Android, ShareBloc deals with Business Content, Epic the Slow-Mo App…

Each day, DBTH chooses for you the best articles about the web, marketing, apps, media…

Today in the Daily Report: If you want your App to be social you need Android, Former king of video Viddy turns into Supernova and launches a slow-motion App, ShareBloc helps you dig and discuss business content that matters, Marketers & Influencers…


04.11.2013 Pandodaily If your product is truly social then you can’t ignore the largest platform out there: Android

04.11.2013 TheVerge Viddy goes Supernova: can the one-time king of mobile video get back in the spotlight?

04.11.2013 MarketingTechBlog ShareBloc: Share, Curate and Discuss Business Content

05.11.2013 Forbes When Influencers Go Rogue



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