Don’t believe the Hype & Live Boutique: 1st Concert October 31st!

Beginning October 2012, the 31th, Don’t believe the Hype, Live Boutique and Flèche d’Or will share their best music pick with you.

Don’t believe the Hype is an agency specialized in strategy and development of artists, creative industries and emerging technologies. We provide a customized strategy from marketing to distribution to our broad range of clients (Imhotep, The Elderberries, Nancy Fortune, Twin Twin, Kollector, Radio Neo….).

Live Boutique is a pool of independent show producers. They produce new talents, rising stars and well established artists (24 producers, over 600 artists).

From October, we will throw a “Don’t believe the Hype & Live Boutique @ La Flèche d’Or” party every two months in La Flèche d’Or venue in Paris (France).

The three members of this partnership being strongly involved in artists’ development, we will emphasize three artists from our selections.

For our first party October 31st, you can listen to, on stage:

CANDID MOUNTAINS (Don’t Believe the hype)
INGA LILJESTRÖM (Dessous de Scène)

Come and support us!


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